With all technology, we are never done evolving. Frequently our staff prepares expirmental branches that use bleeding edge methodologies and applies the latest in statistical analysis techniques in order to constantly build on our success. After several consequetive seasons of successful performance, these branches are merged into our master algorythm that produces the selections offered to our subscribers.

Once an expiermental branch projects significant returns via stasitical sampling, but doesn't have the years of proven results we require before merging, we start to offer the selections as package options for those who may not be ready for a longer commitment.

Unfortunately, our moneyback gaurantee only applies to our subscription options and not packages.

NBA Week Night Parlay - Exp Branch v0.38.6b

NBA Week Night Parlay - Exp. Branch v0.38.6b

This experimental branch of our core algorythm analyzes the best handicappers for Week Night NBA games, and attempts to combine two or more outcomes with the best synergy for a high performing Parlay Play. This builds on our Parlay Play branch (v1.94.28b).

Statistical sampling from the 2016 NBA season using this alogyrthm change show a typical win ratio of 61 parlays in every 100. This season's performance continues that trend with an expected win ratio of 64 parlays in every 100.


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Money Back Guarantee

Our confidence is well founded. And we stand behind our service 100%. As a result, we're able to offer an industry first money back guarantee: 100%, in cash not "store credit", without any hassle and without any games. You can read the full details here.

2017 Basketball Subscription

2017 Basketball Subscription

Our Basketball program includes both college and pro. You can buy 30 days or the full season. With our unprecedented transparency (see every pick we've made since 2014) and money back guarantee, there is nothing to try here. Get on board.